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"Dr. Ho is very informative about whatever your dental situation might be! It is clear that his procedural intentions will be what is best for your needs.  He will provide you with a quick and easy education of your tooth anatomy, his concerns and discerns, and offer accommodating solutions that best fits your dental scenario.

Dr. Ho's staff is very pleasant, detail oriented, and thorough.The office is setup for Covid protection for the clients, so if you feel any hesitation to go to the dentist because of the fear of the crisis, it is a safe! Do not sit and wait if you need a dentist today. Call and make an appointment with Char to get your situation solved!"

- T.




"Dr. Ho and his staff are very caring and friendly. Their hygienist was very careful and thorough while cleaning my teeth. Dr. Ho was very informative in explaining my treatment and Char was very helpful in working around my schedule."

- K.




"Making an appointment was fast and easy. Staff there is friendly and great. Dr. Ho was excellent. Glad to find a place that makes going to the dentist pleasant.:



"Not having a beautiful smile can make the difference between a getting that job, relationship, or even mortgage. People respond to great teeth.. Your smile sends a powerful message to others about yourself because it’s the biggest statement you give others. Not only does it affect our confidence but people judge a person with obviously neglected teeth. There is no price you can tag on a bright beautiful beaming smile that fits you just right and you know in your heart is radiant. Dr. Stephen Ho gets that, and he will make it happen. I’ve never met a dentist with such dedication and humility yet so exceedingly skilled. It’s amazing how much he really cares how you feel about your smile while making it perfect.

There were years that I couldn’t smile. Even laughing was a challenge to cover my embarrassing teeth. I felt “not good enough” all the time, until I met Dr. Stephen Ho. He gave me hope without ever judging me, so did the staff. In rough times I questioned whether or not my teeth were worth the effort to fix. However as Dr. Ho demonstrated his master skills as well as sincere attentiveness to me, it was clear that this would be the best change that I could have ever pursued. I feel like I have a new start because I am truly a new person, confident and radiant simply by the meticulous hands of Dr. Ho. Every day I am treated with a new respect from others because of my smile. Make your smile the priority and watch your life go places you’ve never dreamed possible, it has for me.”

– Anonymous


"Choosing the right doctor to perform this kind of procedure was a very important one, and I know I made the right decision when I picked Dr. Ho. From the moment I met him, I was immediately impressed by the professionalism he exuded, and the genuine care he had for making my smile become all that it could be. One thing I quickly learned about Dr. Ho was that he is a perfectionist, and that was exactly the kind of doctor I was looking for. A person’s smile can have a huge effect on their quality of life, and Dr. Ho made sure that my new smile was nothing less than perfect. Throughout the entire process, he made me feel very relaxed and made sure I felt no pain or discomfort when sitting in his dental chair. Any time I had a question or concern, he always took the time to answer honestly and genuinely. His staff at the office was also amazing, as they always greeted me with a smile and gave me a great sense of aloha. I am now having all my dental work done with Dr. Ho, and there is no doubt in my mind that if I ever need any other cosmetic procedures done, he would be the person I would go to. Thank you Dr. Ho for giving me the smile I’ve always wanted. You and your staff have truly changed my life, and for that I am extraordinarily grateful."


– Andrew


"Having an amazing smile is very important to me. I have always been happy with my smile until I had an accident that cracked my teeth. My previous dentist attempted to cosmetically restore my smile but the results were way below my expectations. I was deeply disappointed and having a less than perfect smile affected my self esteem. I felt so hopeless and I didn't know who to turn to! I couldn't live with always being self-conscious about my smile so I decided to search for a cosmetic dentist that could help me in this desperate situation. That's when I found Dr. Ho. He rebuilt my smile and restored my confidence. The results were phenomenal, even better than my original smile! Having an unattractive smile is no laughing matter, so if you're in need of a makeover, you can trust Dr. Ho to transform your smile into one that you've always dreamed of. Thank you Dr. Ho for making me feel beautiful again!"

– Lehua



"My new smile has made a dramatic difference in my life. I never fully realized just how self conscious I was of my teeth and how this caused me to hold back smiles. Looking at the before and after pictures – I still can’t believe the difference! People are always coming up and complimenting me on my smile now. As a result my overall self-confidence has improved dramatically. My friends all say that I seem to be a lot happier but I think that it just seems that way because now I smile all the time!"

– Ann


"I have had my new smile for over a year now and you really should hear how my life has changed. Nobody ever guesses my age correctly now and they are aghast when I tell them I am 70. I still do a double take when I look in a mirror because I cannot believe what a difference my new mouth makes. Probably because I look much younger, I seem to act younger as well. It finally dawned on me that all my friends are about the same age as my children so I realized that I am drawn to younger people. Activity has always been a big part of my life and I continue to run around and do things as I always have.

Thank you simply doesn’t seem to convey the sincere gratitude I feel for what you have done for me. To begin with, the procedure was relatively painless – in fact I can only remember some discomfort – not pain. Actually the whole experience was quite enjoyable. The decision to have my mouth rebuilt was certainly worth the time and money. The decision to have you for the job was the best one I ever made."


– Jacque Parkinson


"It was the middle of October when we started the process of rebuilding my smile and in 3 weeks they were done. My new smile has made me feel younger and more confident. Not to mention that my bite is much better and my teeth feel stronger.

I must tell you how amazed I was on how virtually pain-free this procedure was. The next day, I felt well enough to go to a party which attests to how great a job you did. Everyone complimented me on how nice I look but they could not tell that I had my teeth veneered. Also, I am so happy that I decided to do all the teeth at the same time."

– Peace Wong


"First impressions mean a lot to me. Having my veneers done by Dr. Ho has changed my life. At present in my career as a traveling nurse, I meet many new people. Now I can smiles without reservation. Dr. Ho has corrected my discolored front teeth and uneven smile. Life is so … very much better with my new beautiful, perfect smile. Thank you so much Dr. Ho."

-Karen Kellerman


“Just to let you know how much I appreciate your excellent work on my teeth- the crowns and bridge etc. You are not only excellent as a dentist, but an outstanding person in your character, integrity, gentleness and goodness. Thank you for being my doctor.”

– Rosanna


“Aloha Dr. Ho,

A special thanks to you for helping me get over my fear of going to the dentist, which I carried for many years. When I was growing up, my parents tried to help me get over this fear, which they and I thought I would outgrow by adulthood. Sad to say, I didn’t outgrow my fears and instead stayed away for a long time. I admit that I was very embarrassed about that fact, yet when I went to see you, both you and your staff treated me with such kindness and acceptance and made me feel very comfortable in your office and with treatment.

And now, after all your hard work, I am so happy with my features, and your gift of the whitening treatment has really boosted my confidence in my smile! Over the past years, I was very self-conscious about my teeth, and after all your diligent dental work and the whitening treatment, I am now so proud to smile and show off your hard work.

Another great gift is your staff members—Dr. Ho, you are blessed to be surrounded by such an incredible working crew, and the teamwork displayed by them is very inspiring. They create a most comfortable and caring environment in your office and during the treatments, and they are a testimony to you on how you choose and train your staff.

Again, thank you Dr. Ho for what you do, for being a great professional and true-blue dental man!!!”

– Lori


I came across Dr. Ho’s practice on the internet while researching for a new dentist close to my home. Little did I know that the doctor initially chosen for convenience would end up being the most professional, personable, and accountable dentist I have ever been to.

I am a contestant in the Miss Hawaii USA 2011 pageant and consulted Dr. Ho for teeth whitening in preparation for my pageant. Dr. Ho provided me with all the information I needed including the in office whitening followed by at home treatments. After the first whitening I noticed a huge difference in the brightness of my smile and my at home treatments continue to show improvement. Thank you Dr. Ho and the entire staff for helping me on my journey through Miss Hawaii USA. I have had an extremely successful experience with your practice and I appreciate all of your help in making my smile the best it can be!

Monica Lempert