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Full Mouth Restoration

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Dentist in Honolulu ~ Dr. Stephen Ho, DDS, Inc.

At Stephen R. Ho DDS Inc. we are committed to creating beautiful smiles. For patients in need of comprehensive full-mouth restorations, we deliver professional, life-changing results with modern treatments and methodologies available to the ever-evolving dental industry. From aesthetic restorations to missing tooth replacements, Dr. Ho is an experienced restorative dentist to return both function and beauty to your smile.

We Value Reliability and Patient Satisfaction  Full Mouth Recontstruction in Honolulu, HI - Waikiki Dentistry

When pursuing a full mouth restoration plan, we believe our patients deserve a reliable depiction of what to expect. Before beginning work, we walk our patients through the step by step process. We use 3D modelling to show our patients what they can expect at every phase of the restoration as well as post-restoration in terms of renewed dental functionality and aesthetics. Our results are predictable, reliable and we pursue them in a way that is maximally time-efficient and accommodating to the patient. 

Multi-Faceted Treatment Plans

Restoring oral health requires a multi-faceted approach. When we pursue full mouth restorations, we are careful to consider the many interdependent parts of the oral ecosystem. Dental, periodontal (gum-related) and orthodontic concerns all come into play when pursuing maximum oral health.

For patients suffering from malocclusion we offer Invisalign®, a ground-breaking clear orthodontic solution that straightens teeth without the use of metal. Invisalign® uses a series of custom-fitting wearable trays to gradually reshape the patient’s smile to perfection. We perform all orthodontic treatment prior to other aesthetic options. If teeth are damaged, decayed or in need of extraction, these functional procedures are treated beforehand.

During the course of a restoration plan we may recommend any combination of crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges or dental implants to restore both a beautiful smile and normal oral functioning. Our restorative materials come only from reputable manufacturers whom we trust, such as Biomet 3i, the creators of innovative dental implants which are built to ensure maximum bone integration, stability and aesthetic results

Patient Consultations

Patients arrive at the need for full mouth restorations due to a variety of different circumstances including gum disease, tooth decay, injury, orthodontic problems or any combination thereof. One of the factors that makes our practice unique is our ability to undertake even complex restorative work all under one roof. Dr. Ho’s experience, combined with our repertoire of state-of-the-art technology, allows us to provide patients with the specific care they need in most any circumstance. It is this robust capability that provides both convenience and reliability, ensuring excellent results for every patient. 

Waikiki Full Mouth Restoration Services

If you’d like more information about full mouth restorations, contact our dental office. You may also request an appointment online