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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentist in Honolulu

A beautiful, uniform smile is attainable with cosmetic dentistry in Waikiki. Dr. Stephen R. Ho provides modern dental techniques, utilizing high-quality materials, to improve patients’ smiles with an array cosmetic dental treatments. Whether you’re looking to just brighten teeth, or desire a full smile makeover, Dr. Ho delivers aesthetic and functional improvements to achieve the smile you want.

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Our Cosmetic Dentist in Honolulu can give you a healthy, beautiful smileWhat to Expect from Our Waikiki Cosmetic Dentist?

Dedicated to providing the least intrusive procedure that will achieve the optimal result, Dr. Ho selects from an array of advanced cosmetic procedures and treatments that modern dentistry offers.

Cosmetic dental services treat for the following concerns:

- Discoloration or Staining
- Misshaped Teeth 
- Missing Teeth
- Cracks and Chips
- Misaligned Bite
- Crooked Teeth

Educating patients about their options and the pros and cons of care, Dr. Ho takes his time with each patient so they can make the most informed decisions regarding their dental health. By opting for amalgam-free restorations and treatments, our Waikiki cosmetic dental office helps protect the long term oral and overall health of our patients.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Honolulu

Fillings - Inlays - Onlays - Crowns - Our Honolulu dental office offers a selection of durable materials that include composite resin, porcelain and Empress® porcelain to deliver a long lasting, structurally sound, tooth colored restoration.

Tooth Bonding - Conservative tooth bonding can give new life to a broken or uneven tooth and unwanted gaps. This procedure builds upon your original tooth to create a uniform smile without removing healthy dentition.

Veneers - When you are looking to change your smile, veneers can be used to hide imperfections such as: chips, intrinsic stains, minor misalignments, uneven or small teeth, and gaps between teeth.

Bridges - A traditional bridge uses two supporting, or anchor crowns and a prosthetic tooth or teeth, to fill the gap left by missing teeth. By restoring your bite with a bridge, you receive a natural looking, highly functional cosmetic restoration.

Dentures - Our Waikiki cosmetic dental office offers both partial and full dentures to complete your smile and restore chewing and speaking ability. Dentures offer a cost-effective way to restore your bite and confidence when smiling.

Teeth Whitening - We offer in-office Zoom!® Treatment or take-home custom trays which are custom made to fit your teeth and gums. These trays make uniform whitening more precise and protect the soft tissue from overexposure to the whitening agent.

Invisalign® - A cosmetic alternative to metal braces, Invisalign® uses a system of clear aligners that are custom made to fit your teeth as they gently maneuver them into the desired position.

Dental Implants – We provide implant placement and restoration to replace a single missing tooth or multiple teeth. The implants themselves act as the tooth’s roots after it integrates into the bone to support single crowns, bridges, or full and partial dentures. Implant supported dentures include overdentures, hybrid dentures, and fixed dentures depending on your situation and oral health.

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